At Western International Media, or one of its subsidiary companies within the United States, we value the trust that our customers place in us and are committed to protecting the information we obtain and maintain on their behalf. Our Privacy Policy outlines the steps we take to protect their information and data. This Privacy Policy is effective as of March 1, 2004, and applies to information and data collected or used when we offer Western International Media’s services to our customers.

All customer data provided to Western International Media, or collected via the services that we provide, is owned by the customer and is to be used according to the direction given by the customer. All customer data is stored securely, is kept confidential, and is never combined with other customer data. Western International Media does not provide or own any of the customer data we process for or on behalf of our customers.

Western International Media will never sell customer data to any outside service or organization. When it comes to sharing data outside of Western International Media, we do so only for specific purposes. The following describes those purposes:

  • Outside vendors or independent contractors, such as technical system consultants, who assist in programming our software and hardware to help us administer the services we provide.

When our customers request, or give us permission to do so, or when we are otherwise required to do so by law.

Western International Media is committed to preventing others from unauthorized access to our customers’ information and data. We maintain procedures and technology designed for this purpose. We take several steps to protect the information and data we have regarding our customers, including the following:

  • We update and test our technology on a regular basis in order to improve the protection of customer information and data. We protect the integrity of customer information and data in the event of power outages, or other business interruptions, using computer virus detection and eradication software on systems containing customer data, installing computer hardware and software, and employing other technical means (known as "firewalls") to protect against unauthorized computer entry into systems containing customer information.

We require outside vendors and independent contractors, to whom we provide customer information, to enter into confidentiality agreements that restrict the use of the information to those purposes for which the information was disclosed, and prohibits independent use of the information.

We have internal procedures that limit access to customer information, such as procedures that require an employee to have a business need to access customer information. We maintain policies about the proper physical security of the workplaces and records.

From time to time, Western International Media uses outside vendors or independent contractors to perform services for us and on our behalf. Before Western International Media discloses customer information to any of our service providers, we enter into contractual agreements with them, prohibiting them from disclosing or using our customer information or data, other than to carry out the purposes for which the information was disclosed.

Western International Media may from time to time change our Privacy Policy.